Reader’s Digest

The Edge is the only book you need to make sense of the global energy crisis.

Edward Lucas, The Times

The statistics in Maxwell’s book are stunning. Energy, like food and water, is in increasingly short supply. But for all of these, we waste most of what we are fighting over.

Lord Stern, Chair of the Grantham Institute on Climate Change and the Environment at the London School of Economics, former Chief Economist of the World Bank, and head of the Stern Review Report on the Economics of Climate Change.

A very important contribution. One of the huge comparative advantages of this book is the seriousness and knowledge about energy and efficiency. It explains how critical resource efficiency, relating to energy, but also to other scarce resources such as food, water, minerals, and time will be to managing the enormous geopolitical, economic, and environmental challenges in front of all of us today.

Dr Andrew Lee, University of Oxford Climate Alumni Network

The Edge is an eloquent roller coaster ride through the unfolding of the modern climate crisis, well informed, up to date and well articulated, a project that keeps one eye on global energy and resource use growth, and one on energy and resource wastage … an important and urgent book …

Michael Liebreich, Founder of Bloomberg NEF and Host of Cleaning Up

For years we have been told that the most valuable unit of energy is the unit we don’t use. But turning that observation into real flows of finance has proven elusive. Jonathan has a clear vision for how to change that – and more than just a vision, he’s got the receipts: he’s done it, at scale on five continents.